One evening I’m just minding my own business, searching for useless information on the sacred internet, or, better yet, doing nothing. At some point I hear a gentle knock on the door. But I didn’tContinue reading

That mustard episode

I don’t know what happened, man. But it’s super shitty. This state is the worst. I feel like puking, but without the puking, you know? It’s silly, don’t mind me. I will get over itContinue reading

Fragment de necitit

Plânge de dincolo de uşă, înăbuşit, cu suspine teatrale şi sughiţuri, cu patosul ei de adolescentă pentru care timp de un minut totul e final şi ireversibil. Sfârşitul lumii se măsoară pentru ea între colţulContinue reading

Dream a little dream

The artist He loved this city for the lack of commitment it demanded. A weird, bustling little place where anything and everything and nothing could happen at the same time. The drinks were cheap, theContinue reading

Worship tracks

So he enters the bar with that obvious thirst for whiskey all over his face. Drinks it like it’s homemade iced tea then picks a random fight. Nasty dialogue, cinematic broken chairs, manly punches yet toContinue reading

The bang in my head

I am no Michelangelo but I saw the angel trapped inside the rock. I felt his thoughts, so material, pulling me away from my own while he was there, tapping his surreal fingers and waitingContinue reading

The Golden Fields

The Golden Fields is a metaphorical destination. You will know exactly what it means to you right after it’s too late to stop wanting to get there. Meanwhile you can read between the lines and takeContinue reading

Sophisticated monsters

I was looking for a clean pair of jeans to wear at the office when I found the first one in my closet. It seemed to know better what I should have put on thatContinue reading

Misunderstood freedom

It’s not what keeps you tied but what sets you free the most unsettling. All that looking back to the growing distance, choking on the first breath of fresh air, making “wherever” your only destination…Continue reading

Sofa trip

  Strange high, strange loves, Every word I mean, he knows. … (00:07) We were high and dreams were vivid Smoking, drinking without rest Still, I only got addicted To his hands holding my waist.Continue reading

Joaca-te la blocul tau

  Diferenţa dintre o ţigară fără gust şi cea mai bună ţigară… Ar putea să se-ntâmple în fiecare seară. Dar nu.   Mai bine complicat şi pe dos Ca un pulover de lână pufos Cu etichetaContinue reading

To reign and to rule

“Life is not a party, David Bowie is not God and your friends are not your minions. But they do a hell of a job cleaning the mess around you, don’t they?”… She’s once moreContinue reading

Kitty lover

When you bring the cats into the fighting pit, make sure they know the lion’s watching. Otherwise, they will just purr until they fell asleep together. And you simply don’t want to witness that, you kittyContinue reading

Ti-am adus ceva

  [The escape] Vineri seară. Facebook, Instagram şi inbox-ul: OFF. Airbnb cu destinatia Braşov: ON. O căsuță cu pisică în centrul vechi. Check in, check out -> bilete ieftine -> bagaj mic, de mână. PahareContinue reading

My kind (part two)

“Every night I used to pray that I’d find my people.”* … Since ever, you’re expecting them patiently, but for too long you won’t know who they are or what they do in their spareContinue reading

My fear (part one)

I will let Bowie do the honors: Your country’s new, your friends are new Your house and even your eyes are new Your maid is new and your accent, too But your fear is asContinue reading

Fashion seizure

  There is the cheap, but hip Get-me-on-a-trip-and-strip Bite my lip … and whatnot kind of bling. * There is the expensive Intensive-progressive Evasive but persuasive Fuck-me diamonds thing. * And there’s the in between.Continue reading

The ballerina state of mind

“Not every little girl gets to do whatever she wants. The world cannot support that many ballerinas.” But you see… it’s not the few who succeed, but the many who fail the ones to tellContinue reading

Spring is around the corner

The storm before the calm. The expensive bottled scent hiding that anticipation and hunger for trouble. The cab that’s heading to a collective date with you in the back seat. Fast feels fuckin’ fun! EverythingContinue reading

Job descriptions

“No matter how good he looks, someone somewhere is tired of his shit.” You don’t think that’s possible, do you? What a mischievous trick to make the great fall, what a funny thing to imagineContinue reading

Nothing says cashmere like cashmere

  The feeling that you’ve had better, but never enjoyed it as much. Better than love among the ruins, sweeter than opulence, looser than morals in the millennials’ fucked up times. Genuinely yours whenever youContinue reading

I’m (still) shakin’

If I could ask for any skill in the world and actually get it, I would very much like the badass writing of the Rolling Stone’s fabulous editors. The best of the best when itContinue reading

Coco made me do it

“Fashion is one of the most effective forms of instant communication and self-expression, but it doesn’t compensate for having something interesting to say.” … So… choose your statement t-shirts wisely.   ___ More brilliant fashion insightsContinue reading

You can sit at my table

The finest, meanest, most charming of his kind. He’s in charge around here… and everybody knows it. He means what he says and he never has to say it twice; not with that voice. The toughContinue reading

The becoming

Never let life be boring to you again. Grow a million pretty faces and make it stare at each and every one of them, hate them or adore them, whichever works best. It all startedContinue reading

Bitter has never been sweeter

And I sat at the cheaters’ table. There were aces on chairs with bluffs in their hands and silk wrapped around their necks… in a tie. Oh, those golden smiles, getting shinier with every thousandContinue reading

What is your next collection?

PS: What do you fear the most? Rei Kawakubo: The next collection. PS: What do you feel you’d still like to achieve in life? Rei Kawakubo: The next collection. So… what is YOUR “next collection”? ___ IContinue reading

Sugar daddy issues

Mockingbirds and diamond rings. Doll houses and furs. Expensive brunches and ponies. Lolita dresses. Lolita undresses. Put a sugar coat on it, make it eye candy.

The shiniest

Not to be morbid, but rather to give you a nice quote from Jack: “One thing’s for sure in that graveyard: I’m gonna have the shiniest pair of shoes.”  

Fetele frumoase si spinii lor

Fetele frumoase sunt indisponibile azi. Este ziua internaţională a florilor în păr şi macii sunt deja pe terminate. Fetele frumoase şi-au luat jazz-ul la pachet pentru că n-au putut să-l termine pe loc… dar niciContinue reading

Capsune cu miere

  Căpşunele cu miere sunt un fel de căpşune cu frişcă. Micul dejun al fetelor frumoase, Cu degete dulci şi buze groase. Eva Green mânca probabil căpşune cu miere Când era adolescentă. La dietă. CăpşuneleContinue reading

Personal window shopper

We’ll take long walks on Calea Victoriei checking out every window. From lingerie to pralines and guitars, we shall know all our options. You have to tell me what you’re desperately craving  for, so IContinue reading

The king’s fool

 “If you don’t have a struggle already inside you or around you, you have to make one up.” I don’t mean to be arrogant, mister White, but I think that the struggle made me up,Continue reading

I say f$$k winter

If your life depended on it, would you choose purple over pink?  

Let’s do it

  For me, the best presents ever are those colorful unwrap-me-now boxes containing god knows what, but looking like divinely compressed little stories. All the drama you can think of squeezed in a cube thatContinue reading

Baby, we got the cheap seats

Baby, it’s snowing in Cairo. We got the cheap seats. People are so obsessed with good deeds that Grinch may need a PR campaign. We got the cheap seats. Some claws took our beloved goldContinue reading

Versurilor le place

El: Îţi cam place să vorbeşti în versuri. Ea: De fapt… versurilor le place să vorbesc în ele.        

Din noiembrie 1926

Unele sfaturi nu se demodează niciodată. Dacă ştii cum să le porţi. Să faci multe fotografii când eşti tânară. “La un moment dat n-o să mai creadă nimeni cât de frumoasă ai fost. N-o săContinue reading

Indura cu mine

  Poezii dulci sau volume mari de proză grea, Hârtie aspră din bezea. Cărţile cu pagini multe sunt uşor de citit Pentru că sunt pline de explicaţii.   Vin sec roşu sau jazz cu mult saxofon,Continue reading

Bezele din acelea

Bezeá (bezéle), s.f. – 1. Sărutare trimisă de departe, cu vîrfurile degetelor. – 2. Prăjitură din albuș de ou bătut cu zahăr.   Una pentru când n-ai avut timp, una pentru când n-ai vrut. Una pentru când n-ai putut. UnaContinue reading

Scriitor pervers şi (ne)bun

Una dintre femeile lui miller are drept animal de casă o stea neagră spânzurată de tavan. O stea malefică şi rece şi frumoasă ca stăpâna ei. O stea care arde şi se gudură ca unContinue reading

Daca esti femeie…

Spune-mi o poveste, Umple o mie de nopţi cu ea, Hrăneşte-mă cu mâna ta, Ia-mă în braţe şi ţine-m-aşa.   Pune-ţi cele o sută de văluri Şi dansează pentru mine, Lasă-te pe spate cu mişcăriContinue reading

Toamna de dupa vara

15 – 19 septembrie “Oamenii din Sibiu sunt blânzi. Cum sunt oamenii, aşa e şi viaţa de noapte, domnişoară.” “Libertate, egalitate, sexualitate! Doar haine mulate.” “Pentru studenţi, miercurea, la ora 3, e gratis.” “Îţi iauContinue reading

Nu pe masa, acolo punem prajitura

Genul de băieţi care după ora 00:00 puneau pahare mici în pahare mari şi le dădeau pe gât. Jagermeister amestecat cu Red Bull şi apoi Bacardi, pe vremea când schimbam euro in Cool Cat caContinue reading

It should be louder

Getting lost in the folds of your skirt There’s a price that I pay for my mission A body in heaven and a mind full of dirt How I suffer the sweetest condition.  

Ender nu se joaca. Si nici Valentine.

Azi am văzut trailer-ul pentru “Ender’s Game” şi mi-am amintit de cărţile din Saga lui Ender. Nu-s cărţi pentru copii şi nici pentru toţi oamenii mari. Sunt poveşti cu personaje “fucked up” care-şi cer iertareContinue reading

Cirese amare

  Prima dată când Vladimir a vrut să-mi aprindă o ţigară. – Lasă-mă, mi-o aprind singură. Numai curvele cer să li se aprindă ţigara. … – Serios, aşa am zis? – Da, erai o pramatieContinue reading

Mandarina si Clementina

Un text de Gabriela Popa Mandarina şi Clementina au fost cele mai nedreptăţite fetiţe de la şcoala de Duminică. Aveau cele mai frumoase porecle şi de aceea Stârvescu s-a gândit ca, de fiecare dată cândContinue reading

Your rascal since […]

Friends are pretty much everything. You get to choose them and they come in heart shaped boxes. … Sometimes music makes me dizzy. So dizzy that I can almost see Frank Sinatra waving goodbye withContinue reading

The girl before

Otilia before she seduced Felix. The mermaid before she got a pair of skinny human legs. Marla before she started group therapy for testicular cancer. Anne before she felt the crown weight on her forehead.Continue reading

Bataie. De aripi

Amazoane Iele Prinţese Sirene Sirene ţâfnoase Cu buze cărnoase Dansatoare de cabaret Zâne Cadâne Fete cochete cu poşete Fecioare Zâne indispuse, cu migrene Balerine Pene UN. SINGUR. COSTUM.  

With the utmost grace

  – I will teach her how to be charming, ravishing. – How? … Loving white and wearing it casually. Sipping non-alcoholic drinks in the evening, being polite and politely sarcastic, walking in stiletto shoesContinue reading

Tot o poveste

Zilele astea m-am tot gândit la Suceava şi la nenea Onu. Nenea Onu era fratele bunicii care scria proză fantastică şi venea la Bucureşti să discute cu oamenii de la edituri care nu voiau săContinue reading

Diane si Lolite

Ne gândim la o fată frumoasă. Îi vom spune Diana. Diana are un păr blond şi des, pe care nu l-a vopsit niciodată. E înaltă, are pielea albă – genul ăla de piele albă careContinue reading

My English is bad

You will dislike me for torturing words You will mock me for spoiling meanings You will think less of me for messing around with important stuff Like spelling You will hate me for my carelessContinue reading


Prima dată când m-am gândit la viitoarea mea relaţie cu o persoană de sex opus (evident, o relaţie idealizată, doar mergeam încă la grădiniţă). Şi nu i-am văzut pe ai mei sau o rochie de mireasă sauContinue reading


Budapesta. Din cel mai înalt punct al scenei, Matt cântă asta. E fermecator de tehnic şi prins în propria fantezie muzicală. Nu-mi cântă mie, îi cântă unei audienţe personale; probabil muzei pentru care şi-a vândut sufletul cândContinue reading


–          What’s on your mind, darling? –          A war. But some of them fail to see it because of the perfect shiny hair, the tiaras, the hair bands, the ribbons, the imposing seductive white hat.

Just like a war, but softer

  I am always inspired when shaken up by the world. My sentences are afraid of you and the light, so please don’t read them. … I would sit straight and exposed in the middleContinue reading

Nude e noul roz

Altceva decât ştiai net superior, îmbunătăţit, “mai perfect” fetele de plastic nu mai au loc sub reflector De ea. e o specie nouă de păpuşă încă nu ştii cum să te joci fata – origamiContinue reading

Pisica neagra

Ar fi trebuit să-mi deschid un cabaret. Să port mai des portjartier şi să primesc bani pentru asta. Să am o scuză cu adevărat bună ca să mă culc târziu. Să nu ştiu ce beau şi niciContinue reading

Luxul oriental

“Urmează Calea şi nu pe Principe, supune-te datoriei morale şi nu tatălui tău.” – E un dicton chinezesc, din secolul III, înaintea erei noastre. Am început de curând să citesc despre China clasică şi măContinue reading

O seara de bal

Bunica a fost săracă atunci când era de vârsta mea şi mult după. Doar că asta nu era un criteriu care s-o modeleze, nu însemna aproape nimic. Nu-mi amintesc să-mi fi povestit cu nostalgie căContinue reading

Ceva ce sigur nu e o recenzie

Sonor. Alb-negru, apoi vag şi imprevizibil. Exact ca un colaj – unul bine făcut şi păstrat mult timp. E multă america acolo şi puţini americani. Rimbaud nu era american, de asta pare excentric printre juraţiiContinue reading

“Banii Regelui”

Să stai pe un scaun oarecare, cu un pahar de alcool încălzit în mână și să citești un ziar mediocru. Iar ea să deschidă o fereastră care scârțâie și să îți spună cât de caldContinue reading

Piesa de colectie

De data asta nu un jucător. Nu profund, nu afectat.  Cu praf pe cizme, cu o strălucire a irisului suspectă de artificialitate. Pasionat. Diferit. Mi se întamplă rar să respir sacadat. Sincer în duplicititate. PuţinContinue reading

Pe bulevard

Prima dată am ascultat melodia asta la telefon. Chiar într-o iarna rece. Cu răsuflarea tăiată, cu întreruperi din motive tehnice, cu privirea pierdută în peisajul meu strâmt de la geamul din bucătărie. Nu se vede cât aşContinue reading

Paradise reversed

A life in paradise.There wasn’t a dark side, nor spiceNo reason to fight, nowhere to go out Not a flamingo to hunt, kissing was bad And banned from the mouthTouches were kind, never obsceneZero marks on theContinue reading

It bugged her

It’s better that you left, really. … she said to the cockroach that was just making a dangerous turn on the corner of her living room. She hated committing murder, but what she hated evenContinue reading

Stop and think about it

The magnolia flowers were there. The magnolia flowers were rare. White as white gold, white as milk, white as silk of a bride’s dress, as the silence after a vow, as a sheet stained withContinue reading

An artist’s job

Darling, you did everything wrong But, please, do it once more. I can accept it all but one thing … that life is a bore. More creative workout here: https://www.instagram.com/gabrielesque_