Year: 2014

You can sit at my table

The finest, meanest, most charming of his kind. He’s in charge around here… and everybody knows it. He means what he says and he never has to say it twice; not with that voice. The toughContinue reading

Bitter has never been sweeter

And I sat at the cheaters’ table. There were aces on chairs with bluffs in their hands And silk wrapped around their necks …in a tie. Oh, those golden smiles, getting shinier with every thousandContinue reading

Capsune cu miere

  Căpşunele cu miere sunt un fel de căpşune cu frişcă. Micul dejun al fetelor frumoase, Cu degete dulci şi buze groase. Eva Green mânca probabil căpşune cu miere Când era adolescentă. La dietă. CăpşuneleContinue reading