Year: 2015

Sofa trip

  Strange high, strange loves, Every word I mean, he knows. … (00:07) We were high and dreams were vivid Smoking, drinking without rest Still, I only got addicted To his hands holding my waist.Continue reading

Joaca-te la blocul tau

  Diferenţa dintre o ţigară fără gust şi cea mai bună ţigară… Ar putea să se-ntâmple în fiecare seară. Dar nu.   Mai bine complicat şi pe dos Ca un pulover de lână pufos Cu etichetaContinue reading

To reign and to rule

“Life is not a party, David Bowie is not God and your friends are not your minions. But they do a hell of a job cleaning the mess around you, don’t they?”… She’s once moreContinue reading

Kitty lover

When you bring the cats into the fighting pit, make sure they know the lion’s watching. Otherwise, they will just purr until they fell asleep together. And you simply don’t want to witness that, you kittyContinue reading

Ti-am adus ceva

  [The escape] Vineri seară. Facebook, Instagram şi inbox-ul: OFF. Airbnb cu destinatia Braşov: ON. O căsuță cu pisică în centrul vechi. Check in, check out -> bilete ieftine -> bagaj mic, de mână. PahareContinue reading

My kind (part two)

“Every night I used to pray that I’d find my people.”* … Since ever, you’re expecting them patiently, but for too long you won’t know who they are or what they do in their spareContinue reading

My fear (part one)

I will let Bowie do the honors: Your country’s new, your friends are new Your house and even your eyes are new Your maid is new and your accent, too But your fear is asContinue reading

Fashion seizure

  There is the cheap, but hip Get-me-on-a-trip-and-strip Bite my lip … and whatnot kind of bling. * There is the expensive Intensive-progressive Evasive but persuasive Fuck-me diamonds thing. * And there’s the in between.Continue reading

The ballerina state of mind

“Not every little girl gets to do whatever she wants. The world cannot support that many ballerinas.” But you see… it’s not the few who succeed, but the many who fail the ones to tellContinue reading

Spring is around the corner

The storm before the calm. The expensive bottled scent hiding that anticipation and hunger for trouble. The cab that’s heading to a collective date with you in the back seat. Fast feels fuckin’ fun! EverythingContinue reading