Month: August 2018

Stealing God’s pose

Front row, suck it and see. As the men and women in the crowd sinned evenly with Alex Turner on their minds and lips and as he fed with irrational adoration stealing God’s pose, sheContinue reading

Wings or tail?

When coming of age, the humans of her kind could choose between immaculate wings and a phenomenal merman/mermaid tail. Never-ending skies or ever-changing waters, abyss above the ground or mysterious depths growing deeper, forever freedomContinue reading

Colour of the year

In 1904 fuchsia was established as the colour of the year. A year before, it was graphite and a year before that it was burgundy. The city tradition required that almost everything would be paintedContinue reading

Small talk

Small talk with an art curator: – But how, how will I know that it’s not pretentious rubbish conceived out of boredom? How do I know it’s worth something, that it can be displayed inContinue reading

What are you

The first bite will tickle Two bites feel just sweet Three bites to get the juices flowing Four bites, you don’t feel a thing The fifth bite – wait a second, what are you: theContinue reading