Year: 2019

Paradise reversed

A life in paradise.There wasn’t a dark side, nor spiceNo reason to fight, nowhere to go out Not a flamingo to hunt, kissing was bad And banned from the mouthTouches were kind, never obsceneZero marks on theContinue reading

It bugged her

It’s better that you left, really. … she said to the cockroach that was just making a dangerous turn on the corner of her living room. She hated committing murder, but what she hated evenContinue reading

Stop and think about it

The magnolia flowers were there. The magnolia flowers were rare. White as white gold, white as milk, white as silk of a bride’s dress, as the silence after a vow, as a sheet stained withContinue reading

An artist’s job

Darling, you did everything wrong But, please, do it once more. I can accept it all but one thing … that life is a bore. More creative workout here:

That mustard episode

I don’t know what happened, man. But it’s super shitty. This state is the worst. I feel like puking, but without the puking, you know? It’s silly, don’t mind me. I will get over itContinue reading

Fragment de necitit

Plânge de dincolo de uşă, înăbuşit, cu suspine teatrale şi sughiţuri, cu patosul ei de adolescentă pentru care timp de un minut totul e final şi ireversibil. Sfârşitul lumii se măsoară pentru ea între colţulContinue reading