I’m an inhabitant of the world so I have to give something back. This is what I got so far.

That mustard episode

I don’t know what happened, man. But it’s super shitty. This state is the worst. I feel like puking, but without the puking, you know? It’s silly, don’t mind me. I will get over itContinue reading

Fragment de necitit

Plânge de dincolo de uşă, înăbuşit, cu suspine teatrale şi sughiţuri, cu patosul ei de adolescentă pentru care timp de un minut totul e final şi ireversibil. Sfârşitul lumii se măsoară pentru ea între colţulContinue reading

Dream a little dream

The artist He loved this city for the lack of commitment it demanded. A weird, bustling little place where anything and everything and nothing could happen at the same time. The drinks were cheap, theContinue reading

Worship tracks

So he enters the bar with that obvious thirst for whiskey all over his face. Drinks it like it’s homemade iced tea then picks a random fight. Nasty dialogue, cinematic broken chairs, manly punches yet toContinue reading

The bang in my head

I am no Michelangelo but I saw the angel trapped inside the rock. I felt his thoughts, so material, pulling me away from my own while he was there, tapping his surreal fingers and waitingContinue reading

The Golden Fields

The Golden Fields is a metaphorical destination. You will know exactly what it means to you right after it’s too late to stop wanting to get there. Meanwhile you can read between the lines and takeContinue reading

Sophisticated monsters

I was looking for a clean pair of jeans to wear at the office when I found the first one in my closet. It seemed to know better what I should have put on thatContinue reading