I’m bored to death, but not dead yet

…next thing I know, I’m in some bar in Mexico
It’s late and they swallow cheap shots of mezcal
The night shapes that feeling, surreal, bizarre
Will the guy with the mustache punch the other one?
I’m staring at them from my living room.
End of chapter 5. I turn the page. I close the book.
‘Cause I’m bored.

I wake up with the urge to do some online research
I sip my black tea and type…
How to kill the pink flamingo
the one that appears in my dreams and never lets me pet him
What a waste of dream time.
This is a serious matter and won’t be ignored
Keep scrolling. I get to do whatever I want.
I’m so bored.

March, April and May felt like New Year’s Eve on repeat
Did you notice? We had
Resolutions, free time, international calls with tiny friends on the screen
Meme-spin. Instastories overdose. Swipe-sick.
Then I started this game, it’s called “guess the day”
I lost every time and so did they.
Now the cage has no bars, but did I accidentally lose my sense of fun?
Erasing this mood in 3, 2, 1…

I’m bored of being bored so I won’t anymore.