One evening I’m just minding my own business, searching for useless information on the sacred internet.
I hear a gentle knock on the door. But I didn’t order anything from Glovo that night, so I don’t answer.
The knocking gets harder to ignore, almost violent, then I hear a scream like it’s from the other side of the world. Like… a “Dark”-level-weird scream. I panic.
Then there’s crying. And whoever is on the other side of the door sounds like a mad person. Then like a scared person. And then… just lost. At this point my hand is on the door knob and I open.

So yeah, you see…
The person on the other side of the door is my very self. And I’m in shock not because this just got surreal. But because all that time I couldn’t tell if she was screaming “let me in” or “let me out”.

For the time being we’ll be holding hands, figuring shit out.
And if you meet us this year, we’re gonna have FUN.

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