Misunderstood freedom

It’s not what keeps you tied but what sets you free the most unsettling. All that looking back to the growing distance, choking on the first breath of fresh air, making “wherever” your only destination… that would be the point when, standing at the counter, I’d spontaneously decide that I’m just gonna drop “freedom” off my grocery list. Whoever put it there had no clue about what a goodie bag should contain.

– Maybe I like my space finite. Maybe it’s fuzzy. Maybe it needs me to preserve it.

– Still… by getting the “freedom” offer you also get a horse, a pink cape/trench and a dashing cool look.

– The cape… is it more like baby pink or is it magenta?

– Definitely magenta.

– Is it expensive?

– It’s almost nothing. And it does wonders for your future.

– Fine, I think I can put some change (#punintended) into my future.



BTW, I think you’ll like Human.

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