An artist’s job

Darling, you did everything wrong But, please, do it once more. I can accept it all but one thing … that life is a bore. More creative workout here:

Not a repentance story

– I feel like in your grandmother’s kitchen, she told him looking at the Virgin. – Except that you won’t get cake for saying the prayer, he replied sarcastically. – What if I’d get onContinue reading

Man of privilege

Before the psychologists and life coaches were invented, there was this guy. The gatekeeper of the untold, the medicine man, the fortune teller, the one-time-pal, the healer, the host. He would listen to all ofContinue reading

Wings or tail?

When coming of age, those of her kind could choose between immaculate wings and a phenomenal merman/mermaid tail. Never-ending skies or ever-changing waters, abyss above the ground or mysterious depths growing deeper, forever freedom orContinue reading

Dream a little dream

The artist He loved this city for the lack of commitment it demanded. A weird, bustling little place where anything and everything and nothing could happen at the same time. The drinks were cheap, theContinue reading

Worship tracks

So he enters the bar with that obvious thirst for whiskey all over his face. Drinks it like it’s homemade iced tea then picks a random fight. Nasty dialogue, cinematic broken chairs, manly punches yet toContinue reading

Sophisticated monsters

I was looking for a clean pair of jeans to wear at the office when I found the first one in my closet. It seemed to know better what I should have put on thatContinue reading

Misunderstood freedom

It’s not what keeps you tied but what sets you free the most unsettling. All that looking back to the growing distance, choking on the first breath of fresh air, making “wherever” your only destination…Continue reading

Sofa trip

Strange high, strange loves, Every word I mean, he knows. … (00:07) We were high and dreams were vivid Smoking, drinking without rest Still, I only got addicted To his hands holding my waist. … (02:45)Continue reading

Fashion seizure

There is the cheap, but hip Get-me-on-a-trip-and-strip Bite my lip … and whatnot kind of bling. * There is the expensive Intensive-progressive Evasive but persuasive Fuck-me diamonds thing. * And there’s the in between. TheContinue reading

You can sit at my table

The finest, meanest, most charming of his kind. He’s in charge around here… and everybody knows it. He means what he says and he never has to say it twice; not with that voice. The toughContinue reading

Bitter has never been sweeter

And I sat at the cheaters’ table. There were aces on chairs with bluffs in their hands And silk wrapped around their necks …in a tie. Oh, those golden smiles, getting shinier with every thousandContinue reading

Capsune cu miere

  Căpşunele cu miere sunt un fel de căpşune cu frişcă. Micul dejun al fetelor frumoase, Cu degete dulci şi buze groase. Eva Green mânca probabil căpşune cu miere Când era adolescentă. La dietă. CăpşuneleContinue reading

Bataie. De aripi

Amazoane Iele Prinţese Sirene Sirene ţâfnoase Cu buze cărnoase Dansatoare de cabaret Zâne Cadâne Fete cochete cu poşete Fecioare Zâne indispuse, cu migrene Balerine Pene UN. SINGUR. COSTUM.  

My English is bad

You will dislike me for torturing words You will mock me for spoiling meanings You will think less of me for messing around with important stuff Like spelling You will hate me for my carelessContinue reading

Nude e noul roz

Altceva decât ştiai net superior, îmbunătăţit, “mai perfect” fetele de plastic nu mai au loc sub reflector De ea. e o specie nouă de păpuşă încă nu ştii cum să te joci fata – origamiContinue reading