Spring is around the corner


The storm before the calm. The expensive bottled scent hiding that anticipation and hunger for trouble. The cab that’s heading to a collective date with you in the back seat.

Fast feels fuckin’ fun!

Everything is bound to boil and burn and shine bright, because the heat is finally here. Too bad the sun can’t light up cigarettes, or can it? Now what? All of a sudden, music sounds naked and exotic and you can see the beach with your eyes shut.

You make the rules until they make the rules; so hold on to the lipstick you’re wearing for as long as you can. And that taste of brown sugar in your mouth…

Rum cocktails all the time, hot cappuccino never again. What else?

The young waiting for their turn at the table. The rebellion underneath the disco ball. The magic.

Spring is around the corner, the real deal.
So get your sunglasses ready, because daylight is the new spotlight.


The only “sweater” I can tolerate these days.

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