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To reign and to rule

“Life is not a party, David Bowie is not God and your friends are not your minions. But they do a hell of a job cleaning the mess around you, don’t they?”… She’s once moreContinue reading

Spring is around the corner

The storm before the calm. The expensive bottled scent hiding that anticipation and hunger for trouble. The cab that’s heading to a collective date with you in the back seat. Fast feels fuckin’ fun! EverythingContinue reading

Nu pe masa, acolo punem prajitura

Genul de băieţi care după ora 00:00 puneau pahare mici în pahare mari şi le dădeau pe gât. Jagermeister amestecat cu Red Bull şi apoi Bacardi, pe vremea când schimbam euro in Cool Cat caContinue reading