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what you see on the surface is a lie against the eye lavish sequences unfold for the show to be performed you only like them the soft parts covering the wit that is sharp theContinue reading

A writer & her f(r)iction

He was meant to be a model, but he raised as God and King, started like some sloppy fiction and became my favorite thing. He’s pure tease; still, I own something of his. Hey, doll-face-boy… ifContinue reading


Plutesc în magneziu cald şi lichid Un corp dezbrăcat, absent, translucid Pe pielea goală simt bezna totală Vapori de supă primordială Mă gâdilă peste tot în timp ce mă topesc Alunec în spatiu, devin corpContinue reading

Stop and think about it

The magnolia flowers were there. The magnolia flowers were rare. White as white gold, white as milk, white as silk of a bride’s dress, as the silence after a vow, as a sheet stained withContinue reading

An artist’s job

Darling, you did everything wrong But, please, do it once more. I can accept it all but one thing … that life is a bore. More creative workout here: https://www.instagram.com/gabrielesque_

Wings or tail?

When coming of age, the humans of her kind could choose between immaculate wings and a phenomenal merman/mermaid tail. Never-ending skies or ever-changing waters, abyss above the ground or mysterious depths growing deeper, forever freedomContinue reading

What are you

The first bite will tickle Two bites feel just sweet Three bites to get the juices flowing Four bites, you don’t feel a thing The fifth bite – wait a second, what are you: theContinue reading

Capsune cu miere

  Căpşunele cu miere sunt un fel de căpşune cu frişcă. Micul dejun al fetelor frumoase, Cu degete dulci şi buze groase. Eva Green mânca probabil căpşune cu miere Când era adolescentă. La dietă. CăpşuneleContinue reading

Indura cu mine

  Poezii dulci sau volume mari de proză grea, Hârtie aspră din bezea. Cărţile cu pagini multe sunt uşor de citit Pentru că sunt pline de explicaţii.   Vin sec roşu sau jazz cu mult saxofon,Continue reading