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The bang in my head

I am no Michelangelo but I saw the angel trapped inside the rock. I felt his thoughts, so material, pulling me away from my own while he was there, tapping his surreal fingers and waitingContinue reading

Kitty lover

When you bring the cats into the fighting pit, make sure they know the lion’s watching. Otherwise, they will just purr until they fell asleep together. And you simply don’t want to witness that, you kittyContinue reading

My kind (part two)

“Every night I used to pray that I’d find my people.”* … Since ever, you’re expecting them patiently, but for too long you won’t know who they are or what they do in their spareContinue reading

My fear (part one)

I will let Bowie do the honors: Your country’s new, your friends are new Your house and even your eyes are new Your maid is new and your accent, too But your fear is asContinue reading

Nothing says cashmere like cashmere

  The feeling that you’ve had better, but never enjoyed it as much. Better than love among the ruins, sweeter than opulence, looser than morals in the millennials’ fucked up times. Genuinely yours whenever youContinue reading

The shiniest

Not to be morbid, but rather to give you a nice quote from Jack: “One thing’s for sure in that graveyard: I’m gonna have the shiniest pair of shoes.”  

Personal window shopper

We’ll take long walks on Calea Victoriei checking out every window. From lingerie to pralines and guitars, we shall know all our options. You have to tell me what you’re desperately craving  for, so IContinue reading

I say f$$k winter

If your life depended on it, would you choose purple over pink?  

Let’s do it

  For me, the best presents ever are those colorful unwrap-me-now boxes containing god knows what, but looking like divinely compressed little stories. All the drama you can think of squeezed in a cube thatContinue reading

Baby, we got the cheap seats

Baby, it’s snowing in Cairo. We got the cheap seats. People are so obsessed with good deeds that Grinch may need a PR campaign. We got the cheap seats. Some claws took our beloved goldContinue reading