To reign and to rule

“Life is not a party, David Bowie is not God and your friends are not your minions. But they do a hell of a job cleaning the mess around you, don’t they?”…

She’s once more late at leaving the party and so sorry about it. But last time she didn’t have enough fun, so now she had to party harder, hence the empty glasses and glitter scattered all over the place.

After the parties are over she has this very bad habit of scrolling down timelines and news feeds. That’s when she realizes she’s just a millennial getting older and presumably smarter and also that “wasted” is not a cool word anymore. They are all building their way through life and she’s still dismantling, ripping things apart and colliding. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Sincerely, nobody gives a damn…

You see, the trick with the parties is to leave at the exact right time. There is a “too-early” and there is a “too-late” moment and there is that perfect timing. After you have seen and done everything you desired, but just before it got too embarrassing. And nailing that is – oh boy, oh boy – so damn hard.

Sometimes she takes a look at the other party people who cast their human lights upon each other through expensive portable devices. She’s taking photos as well, but never for them timelines and news feeds. She’s documenting all that wasted youth, knowing that maybe next time she’ll have a different hair color, or a brand new tan or a tattoo. But watching them… is just nonsense and boredom. That’s the moment when she gets her purse and glamorously parades her gorgeous shoes out of the room.

To reign and to rule at a party is to enjoy the sweetness to the last bite, but never taste the bitterness waiting at the end, to mess around while it’s still wow, to get all the moves before David Bowie’s “Let’s dance” is over.

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